15 budgetfreundliche und einzigartige Ideen für DIY-Palettenprojekte #budget #onz -…

15 budgetfreundliche und einzigartige Ideen für DIY-Palettenprojekte #budget #onz #budget #budgetfreundliche #einzigartige

So your terrace becomes a cozy place where you like to stay. Discover our two design ideas for a terrace with living room Flair, including planting plans to Download and Print.

The terrace is still freely visible from all sides and anything but habitable and cozy. The paving is not very attractive and there are no prominent points of view that give structure to the area. Our design ideas will transform the terrace into a living room in the countryside.

Luxuriant wealth of flowers for the romantics
Richly planted beds with romantic flowering perennials ensure a smooth transition from the terrace to the lawn at the first design idea. In this way, the seating area is visually demarcated from the rest of the garden, but remains open for insights and insights.

The single-flowered climbing rose ‘Bonny ‘ has conquered the Rose arch with numerous pink flowers, through which one enters the terrace coming from the garden. This variety is insensitive to the dreaded star soot. The gap between the Rose arch and the house is closed by an alternate-leaved summer lilac (Buddleja alternifolia). Its wonderfully fragrant, light purple flowers attract numerous butterflies from June to July. Pruning is not necessary for the extremely frost-hardy species.

Chinese lilac, pipe shrub, snowball and the annual Bell Vine (Cobaea scandens), which rises at the tendril Belisks distributed in the bed, also provide for lush flowering splendour. At their feet, Meadow Rue, Stork’s beak, Bellflower and three-master flower ensure lasting flowering until September. Lavender in pots finds enough space on the self-made Etagere.

Enchantingly beautiful leaf ornaments
With leafy ornamental shrubs and beautiful woody plants, you can relax in peace of conscience on the terrace, as hardly any maintenance work occurs. The trellis, which shields the terrace from the neighbouring property, is overgrown with wild wine and is flanked to the right by a umbrella bamboo and to the left by a magic nut. Their yellow flowers appear in February. Another witch hazel in the right corner of the house and a red Japanese maple to create a passage to the terrace. Its filigree dark red foliage and an incomparable autumn coloration are worth the effort.

Sparks, ferns and grasses in bright green tones look good all year round. Decorative Beech and stone balls as well as yellow thimble set accents in the bed. The Golden forest vine (Clematis tangutica) fills the air with a coconut scent. It decorates both the house wall on the terrace and the trestle in the bed, which serves as a windbreak. The dwarf-bulrush planted mini pond, the wooden deck and an elegant solar sail to bring holiday flair to the terrace.

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