Clematis vermehren

Wie Du Klematis ganz einfach vermehren kannst.

Enjoy the garden in a larger round and sit comfortably outside together with your guests: these wishes can be easily realized with our two design proposals and plant plans.

The area to be planned on the house wall is on the north side and many hours a day in the shade. In addition, the old Woody stock has gotten old and heavily overgrown. The family wants a nice seat for the summertime, on which one meets in larger round.

Inviting terrace with lounge character
Clearly arranged and modernly designed: this is how the area on the north side of the residential building presents itself in this design idea. Red and white tones determine the design. They are found in the flowers of plants as well as in the furniture and contribute to a harmonious overall impression.

The resting pole is formed by the spacious wooden platform, which can be reached via two wide concrete steps and on which you can also find a larger round space. Four shapely spherical trees, placed at the corners, frame the seat – here the steppe cherry ’Globosa’ was selected, which convinces with its dense crown and a pronounced robustness.

A nice addition to the seat are the narrow bed strips on the terrace, which also run along the low wall Strip, where another ball tree was planted. The beds are planted with Star kidney, shadow sedge and the Funkie ’Invincible’. In between grows loosely distributed the candle knotweed ‘Blackfield’, which grows up to one Meter high and proudly presents its dark red flower candles from July to October. A small fire bowl in Rust Design is placed on the lawn in front of it and lets cosiness arise in the evening. If necessary, fill the fire bowl with gravel or apply a small, flat patch surface.

On the wall of the house feel free-range fuchsia, Funkie, forest honeysuckle and a large red ornamental banana in the pot, which enriches the atmosphere with tropical Flair. Modern dark red chairs in Spaghetti Design contribute to the homeliness, as do the white, high floor lamps on the terrace, which immerse the garden in a cozy light after sunset.

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