Deko-Kugeln aus Clematisranken selber machen

Eine Deko-Idee, die ihr leicht nachmachen könnt: Wir basteln Deko-Kugeln aus Clematisranken. Diese Idee ist ganz natürlich und lässt sich prima in den Garten integrieren. #deko #dekokugeln #clematisranken #bastel

The easier the garden is designed, the more time is left to dream and enjoy. Here you can read what to consider if you want to create a garden that does little work.

Can you actually create a garden that – once laid out-keeps itself in shape? And how much effort is actually put into the little word “”easy to care for””, even if seed bags or garden literature promise heavenly flower paradises without effort? Anyone who is passionate about gardening does not shy away from cutting roses or weeds. But there are tricks that reduce the maintenance effort. Garden connoisseurs, for example, put back extravagant plant wishes. Those who know the light and soil conditions in their garden can choose plants that are naturally made for these conditions.

Whether ground cover or weed fleece-many measures have the same goal, namely to curb weed growth. Edging towards the lawn saves the annual edging. If the bed and path are separated by charming natural stones, the latter prevent seed weeds from germinating at the edge of the bed. Low-maintenance beds are characterized by slow-growing woody plants and few perennial species, which, planted in larger groups, create quiet Garden Pictures. The fact that perennials are not planted fresh every year, but take root in the soil in the long term and therefore cope better with dry periods than annual summer flowers can significantly facilitate plant selection.

More tips for easy-care gardening
Who plans paths or terraces, may fall back on helpful products. For coverings with special surfaces, for example made of Teflon, the high-pressure cleaner is used less often, because hardly any dirt settles on them and they can be installed without joints. Here, the following applies: After a little care has its price. There are also Tricks in the garden equipment. Garden furniture or arbors made of hard wood such as Robinia last particularly long without care outdoors, fences made of powder-coated Aluminium or hot-dip galvanized steel are also durable and protected against corrosion without care.

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