Holzstücke, die sich in atemberaubende DIY-Dekoration für den Garten verwandeln

Holzstücke, die sich in atemberaubende DIY-Dekoration für den Garten verwandeln #atemberaubende #dekoration #garten #holzstucke

The best plants for the easy-care garden
Some shrubs prefer to be left alone, such as witch hazel (witch hazel), floor snowball (Viburnum plicatum), Bell Hazel (Corylopsis) or Chinese flower bar (Cornus kousa var. chinensis). Also evergreen Rhododendron is only cut for optical reasons.

There are roses that clean themselves, such as the pure white variety ‘Escimo’. The full-flowered, pink small shrub rose ‘Larissa’ casts off the flower stem with the entire flower: the summer pruning is omitted.

Ornamental trees that do not need to be cut are, for example, fan Maple, Japan Maple, ornamental cherry, ornamental Apple or large-flowered Magnolia. Globe Robinia (Robinia ’Umbraculifera’ or ball-trumpet tree (Catalpa ‘Nana’) retain their round crown, even without regular cutting.

Perennials that bloom for an especially long time such as Yellow coneflower, needle-leaved coreopsis, lady’s mantle, Lily of the valley, the sun bride-to-be, or a stork’s beak-see varieties for several months decorative, without the need for maintenance. Long-lived perennials such as daylily, peony, Funkie, White Forest rust or forest Honeysuckle remain reliable garden jewelry for many years.

Easy-care garden: tips from Christian Meyer
Anyone who wisely equips his garden with plants can look forward to relaxing leisure hours. Christian Meyer is a garden and planting planner in Berlin. We asked him how even beginners can make the garden easy to care for and what you should pay attention to when designing.

Mr. Meyer, as a beginner, how do you best proceed if you want to create an easy-care garden?
The place: What ground is there, as are the lighting conditions? What plant knowledge do you have – and what can be easy to maintain for you personally? Start with compact areas, about 30 or 40 square meters. In addition to a small bed, it is often worthwhile to create only lawn and later redesign the garden piece by piece. If the plot looks at least a little bit like a garden, it is easier for garden beginners than if they have a complete fallow area in front of them.

What mistakes happen frequently?
Many people have no idea what the implementation of their plans will cost. Some also think too short-term, always have the Garden Pictures with roses and companions or shape cut in mind. If you really want it easy to care for, you have to get rid of it.

What are the Alternatives?
A bed becomes easy to care for, if you start with the blooming restrained and increases in the course of the season. A few splashes of color in spring are enough and leave no unsightly spots in the plant carpet after flowering, which has its flowering peak in September. For example, larger groups of cushion asters could be planted, from which ornamental garlic and tulips, later small islands of catnip and candle Meadow knotweed protrude, but also individual fat hens and tall grasses. Fertilizing and pruning depending on the variety are then not necessary. In spring, sprinkle some Humus over the frozen plant remains – done.

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